General entry clearance—questionnaire

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  • General entry clearance—questionnaire

General entry clearance—questionnaire

A. All categories: information available from all applicants' passports

First name(s) as stated in your passport
Last/family name(s) as stated in your passport
If you are not the main applicant, what is your relationship to the main applicant?
Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY) as stated on your passport
Place of birth (city/town/province/state)
Country of birth
Nationality as stated on your passportIf you hold more than one nationality, please confirm the nationality of the passport you wish to use to travel to the UK
Current passport number
Current passport issue date
Current passport expiry date
Current passport place of issueThis will normally appear on the biodata/photo page
Current passport issuing authorityThis will normally appear on the biodata/photo page
Your permanent country of residence

B. All categories: questions for main applicant and each dependant

If you are not a national of the country in which you are applying, what permission do you have to stay in that country?If relevant, include the immigration category and expiry date. If you have permanent residence, please confirm the date you obtained this
Your titleChoose between: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Rev, Dr or other. If other, provide details
Any other names you are/have been known by, other than the name appearing on the current passport you are using for your application
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