Redundancy selection matrix

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  • Redundancy selection matrix

Redundancy selection matrix

Name of employee:Employment start date and current length of service[Insert date]
[Insert length of service]
Job Title:Section/Department
Evaluated by:Date of evaluation:
Ratified by:Date:


Reasonable adjustments may need to be made when applying the criteria (apart from disciplinary record) to employees with a disability (as defined by the Equality Act 2010, s 6) where a failure to do so would place them at a substantial disadvantage compared to employees without a disability.

Service means continuous employment with the company and any associated company.

Where the employee has not completed 12 months' service, the absence record should be converted to an annual equivalent. The following absences must be disregarded:

  1. absences connected to a disability (as defined by Equality Act 2010, s 6)

  2. maternity leave

  3. parental leave

  4. dependant care leave

  5. paternity leave

  6. adoption leave

  7. shared parental leave

  8. parental bereavement leave

  9. absences due to pregnancy-related illness

  10. absences due to suspension from work on maternity grounds

  11. absences due to ‘shielding’ (in accordance with the government’s coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance)

[No account will be taken of any disciplinary warnings that have expired.]

Each criteria should be assessed looking back over a period of [two years] from the date of the assessment, with the exception of disciplinary record, which is assessed over the last 12 months. Where the employee has been absent from work for a substantial part

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