Form 10b-5 letter (US IPO)

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  • Form 10b-5 letter (US IPO)

Form 10b-5 letter (US IPO)

Form 10b-5 Letter

[insert date]

[insert address]

Re: Underwriting Agreement

Dear [insert text]

This firm has acted as counsel to [insert name], a [insert company details] (the Company), in connection with the issuance and sale of [insert number] shares of common stock, par value $[insert value] (the Shares) of the Company, pursuant to the terms of the Underwriting Agreement dated [insert date] (the Underwriting Agreement) by and among the Company and you, as representatives of the several underwriters named in Schedule I to the Underwriting Agreement (the Underwriters). This letter is furnished to you pursuant to the requirements set forth in Section [insert number] of the Underwriting Agreement in connection with the closing thereunder on the date hereof (the Closing).

Nothing herein shall be construed to cause us to be considered ‘experts’ within the meaning of Section 11 of the Securities Act 1933, as amended.

During the course of the preparation of the Registration Statement on Form S 1 (No. [insert number]), as amended by Amendments Nos. [insert number] and [insert number] thereto (the Registration Statement), we reviewed the Registration Statement and the final Prospectus dated [insert date], as filed pursuant to the Securities Act 1933, Rule 424(b)(1) as amended (the Prospectus) and participated in conferences with officers and other representatives of the Company, with representatives of the independent public accountants of the Company and with you

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