Financial disclosure and Form E—client guide
Financial disclosure and Form E—client guide

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  • Financial disclosure and Form E—client guide

This document provides general guidance regarding financial disclosure. Your family lawyer will be able to provide specific advice based on your circumstances.

What is financial disclosure?

Financial disclosure is the process of giving your spouse or partner, and the court, full details of your personal financial circumstances and your future needs and resources. It is usually the first thing your family lawyer will ask you to do, as they will be unable to advise you properly about the likely outcome of your case without having a full picture of where both you and your spouse/partner are placed financially.

In financial matters, disclosure is essential whatever process you intend to use to achieve a solution: in or out of court. If you do start to use the court process the court will order both you and your spouse/partner to complete financial statement (a form called Form E) before the first court hearing. In non-court processes such as mediation, collaborative law or arbitration, you are likely to be asked to use a similar document.

Why is financial disclosure necessary?

Both you and your spouse/partner need to have full financial information before you can agree how your financial arrangements should be separated out, as the law says that the available resources must be split fairly. It is not possible for you, your lawyers or a court to know what will be a

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