File information form
File information form

The following Practice Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • File information form

    1. 1

      General information

      Client name(s)[Insert client name(s)]
      File reference number[Insert file reference number]
      Matter type[Insert brief description of the matter, eg contract dispute]
      Fee earner[Insert name of fee earner]
      Supervisor[Insert name of supervisor]
      File risk rating
      (Please tick)
      ☐ Low
      ☐ Medium
      ☐ High
      Name of any other parties and relationship to client[State name and of any other parties and relationship to client, eg opponent/seller/buyer]
      If matter involves a dispute, does the other party have the means to pay?[State what is known about the other party’s financial position, eg is the other party insured?]
      ☐ Not applicable
      Does the client have any vulnerability and/or difficulty accessing our services?
      (Please tick)
      ☐ Yes
      ☐ No
      If yes, provide further information including details of any adaptations/support
      Any other comments[Insert any other comments]
    1. 2

      Critical dates

      [Insert description of critical date, eg limitation date][Insert date]
      [Insert description of critical date][Insert date]
      [Insert description of critical date

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