Executing documents—training materials

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  • Executing documents—training materials

Executing documents—training materials

These Training Materials provide an introduction to execution and cover the principal areas of executing simple contracts and deeds and the key considerations that are relevant when executing such documents. They include template PowerPoint slides and associated notes for use by a trainer when outlining the law relating to execution of deeds and contracts in the context of the typical activities undertaken by commercial contracts lawyers. Topics covered include: distinguishing deeds from simple contracts, execution formalities for common entities, practical issues with company execution, witnesses, counterparts and electronic signatures.

The training materials are customisable.

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  1. Validly executing documents:

    1. Contract formation

    2. Distinguishing deeds from simple contracts

    3. Capacity

    4. Authority

    5. Execution formalities for common entities

    6. Practical issues with company execution

    7. Powers of attorney

    8. Witnesses

    9. Counterparts and virtual execution

    10. Electronic signatures

    11. Overcoming impairments, disabilities and language barriers


This seminar covers significant legal and practical issues to consider in relation to validly executing documents.

These training materials focus on the execution requirements for the following entities:

  1. Individuals

  2. Companies incorporated

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