ET1 grounds of claim—Agency Workers Regulations 2010
ET1 grounds of claim—Agency Workers Regulations 2010

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  • ET1 grounds of claim—Agency Workers Regulations 2010

[Insert in para 8.2 of claim form ET1:]

    1. 1

      The Claimant works as a legal secretary. She has a contract of employment with the First Respondent, a temporary work agency, under which she is required to provide legal secretarial services to clients of the First Respondent. On or about [insert date] the First Respondent asked the Claimant to provide services to the Second Respondent, a firm of solicitors and the Claimant agreed to provide her services to the Second Respondent from [insert date].

    1. 2

      The Claimant commenced working for the Second Respondent on [insert date] in the employment department. On her second day at work [insert date], she went to the Second Respondent's staff canteen and selected food for her lunch. When she got to the till, the till operator asked to see her staff card and informed her she would be unable to purchase her lunch without a staff card. The Claimant had not been issued with a staff card and was subsequently informed, by the fee earner to whom she was providing secretarial services, that temporary staff were not eligible for staff cards. As a result the Claimant has been unable to use the Second Respondent's staff canteen.

    1. 3

      The Second Respondent provides a scheme whereby its employees are entitled to join a health club [insert details] at rates much lower than those available to

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