Employment contract basic version (Scotland)
Employment contract basic version (Scotland)

The following Employment guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Employment contract basic version (Scotland)
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BREXIT IMPACT: The drafting and enforcement of the applicable law (governing law) and jurisdiction clause in this Precedent may be affected by Brexit. For further information, see the drafting note to that clause.

Contract of employment dated [insert date]


  1. 1

    [Name of Employer] [of [insert address] OR a company incorporated in [Scotland] (registered number [insert number]) whose registered office is at [insert address]] (we or us); and

  1. 2

    [Name of employee] of [insert address] (you).

  1. 1


    1. 1.1

      We will employ you on the terms and conditions set out in this contract.

    2. 1.2

      [[Option 1: Continuity (no previous PERIOD of employment counts):] Your employment with us under this contract [will start OR started] on [insert date] (the 'Start Date'). Your period of continuous employment with us [started on OR will start on] the Start Date, and no period of employment with any previous employer counts as part of your period of continuous employment with us.

    3. OR

    4. 1.3

      [Option 2: Continuity (previous PERIOD of employment counts):]Your employment with us