Drop-hands settlement offer—post issue of proceedings
Drop-hands settlement offer—post issue of proceedings

The following Dispute Resolution precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Drop-hands settlement offer—post issue of proceedings



[Insert date]

[Insert name and address of other party’s solicitor]

Dear [insert contact name]

[Insert subject of letter]

We refer to our open letter of [today’s date OR [insert date]].

    1. 1

      As set out in that letter, both we and our client are confident that your client’s claims against our client, as set out in claim number [insert the claim details, ie claim number and parties] (the Claim) are wholly without merit and that, were they to proceed to trial, the court would dismiss them in their entirety and that our client would successfully seek recovery of its costs from your client. [We are also confident that the court will find in our client’s favour in relation to its counterclaim as set out in its Defence and Counterclaim dated [insert date of defence and counterclaim] and be awarded its costs in relation to the same.] It is the case, however, that our client would prefer to avoid the waste on management time and resource in continuing with this litigation and is equally mindful of the obligations on parties to try to resolve their disputes at whatever stage they have reached; as well as the court’s powers to penalise a party on costs for any unreasonable refusal to engage in settlement discussions.

    1. 2

      [Our client is also mindful of the long-standing relationship it has

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