Draft outline script for grievance meeting
Draft outline script for grievance meeting

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  • Draft outline script for grievance meeting

This Precedent is a draft script for an employer to use to act as a reminder of the steps to take at a grievance meeting with an employee.

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      Introductions of those present if necessary. Confirm who is taking notes and that copies of the meeting notes will be made available to the employee. Tell the employee that their grievance will be kept confidential as far as possible but that if you need to investigate then a limited number of people may need to know—but that they too will also be asked to keep the matter confidential.

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      Explain to the employee why they are here, ie to discuss the written grievance they have raised. Explain that the purpose of the meeting is to go through the issues they have identified and give them the opportunity to give some further detail. Explain you have some questions to ask them, if that is the case. Tell them that they can have a break at any time if they need one.

    1. 3

      Explain that you are dealing with the issues in accordance with [the company’s written grievance procedure, of which the employee has a copy OR the guidelines set down by Acas]<.

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