Draft outline script for disciplinary hearing (misconduct)

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  • Draft outline script for disciplinary hearing (misconduct)

Draft outline script for disciplinary hearing (misconduct)

    1. 1

      Introductions of those present if necessary. Confirm who is taking notes and that copies of the meeting notes will be made available to the employee.

    1. 2

      Explain to the employee why they are here ie to discuss the misconduct issue which they have been told about in the letter sent to them. Explain that the purpose of the hearing is to go through the evidence and give them an opportunity to state their case and make any points they want to make. Explain that no decision will be made until after the meeting. If the employee asks what happens if they are dismissed/given a warning, you should say that no decision has yet been made but that if that were to happen they would have the right of appeal.

    1. 3

      Explain that you are dealing with the issues in accordance with [the company’s written disciplinary procedure, of which the employee has a copy OR the guidelines set down by Acas].

    1. 4

      Remind the employee exactly what the allegation is. If it is a very serious one likely to result in dismissal then you should tell the employee that this is a serious matter explaining why eg because it involves dishonesty/bullying/discrimination/violent behaviour, and that dismissal with or without notice may be an outcome.

    1. 5

      Ask the employee/their companion whether there are any

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