Diversity questionnaire—law firms

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  • Diversity questionnaire—law firms

Diversity questionnaire—law firms

Why are we collecting diversity data?

We collect data on the diversity of our workforce for several reasons:

  1. it is good practice to monitor the diversity of our employees in terms of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disability

  2. every two years all law firms are required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to collect, report to the SRA and, where appropriate, publish diversity data

  3. we are interested in your opinions as to whether we can do more to build an inclusive culture that works for everybody—this helps us make sure activities and future plans represent the interests of everyone in the firm

Do you have to complete this questionnaire?

Completing this survey is entirely voluntary. We’d like you to share as much information as you feel comfortable with, but you don’t have to answer every question. You can also answer ‘prefer not to say’ to any question you’re not comfortable with.

There will be no adverse consequences if you do not wish to complete this questionnaire, or if you partially complete the questionnaire or you select ‘prefer not to say’ to any question.

What will we do with your diversity data?

We collect and retain your diversity data for the purpose of reporting to the SRA, publishing our diversity data statistics and monitoring trends.

Reporting to the SRA

The diversity data we collect will be aggregated and reported to

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