Disclosable overriding interests questionnaire
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  • Disclosable overriding interests questionnaire

Disclosable overriding interests questionnaire

You are applying for registration of [insert details of property] at HM Land Registry and as part of that application you must disclose any overriding interests affecting the property.

Overriding interests are interests affecting registered or unregistered land which benefit third parties. They are not recorded on the registered title or in the title deeds but they are binding on an owner of registered land and their successors in title. The following are all overriding interests:

  1. Rights claimed by anyone in actual occupation of the property

  2. Rights of way across the property (other than public rights of way)

  3. Rights to use pipes, wires, cables or other service media crossing the property, whether on the surface, below or overhead

  4. Rights of light

  5. Rights of support

  6. Leases affecting the property

  7. Other

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