Defendant’s response to a letter of claim

The following Dispute Resolution precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Defendant’s response to a letter of claim

Defendant’s response to a letter of claim


[Insert name and address of the claimant’s solicitors, including any reference number/name of the responsible lawyer if given in the letter of claim]

[Insert date]

[Insert your reference]

Dear [insert organisation name]

[Insert heading]

We write in response to your letter of claim dated [insert date] [and following our letter acknowledgment dated [insert date]]. [We act on behalf of [insert name of client].] This letter constitutes our client’s formal letter of response pursuant to paragraph 6(b) of the Practice Direction Pre-Action Conduct and Protocols (the Practice Direction).


[We confirm that our client has provided a copy of your letter of claim to its insurers.]]

[Our client’s requests for information and documents

[We wish to make clear at the outset that our client is unable to fully respond and/or comment on a number of the issues you have raised without the information requested below and/or prior to having sight of the following documents which you have not provided contrary paragraph 6(c) to the Practice Direction: [insert details of any information and/or documents you consider it sensible to request at this stage and set out, as appropriate, why you consider the information and/or documents necessary in order to better understand their client’s claim].]

[Please provide the information requested by [insert date].]]

Your client’s claim

[We do not propose to respond to your client’s letter of claim on a

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