Defence alleging criminality

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  • Defence alleging criminality

Defence alleging criminality

[In the High Court of Justice


In the COUNTY COURT AT [insert]]

[[Specify division]]

[[Specify Specialist court]]

[[Insert location] District Registry]

Claim No:


  1. [A B]        Claimant

  1. and

  1. [X Y]        Defendants




    1. 1

      It is admitted that at approximately midnight on the 12th June 2018, in Oxford Road, Manchester, at a point near the Evolution bar, the Defendant was sitting in the driver’s seat of his private hire vehicle bearing the registration number SM02 YRN.

    1. 2

      Paragraph 2 is denied. The Defendant refused to convey the Claimant as he was waiting for a passenger who had made a booking.

    1. 3

      Having been angered by the Defendant’s refusal to take a fare, the Claimant reached in through the passenger window of the taxi and took hold of the handle in an attempt to

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