Deed of adherence—investment agreement

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  • Deed of adherence—investment agreement

Deed of adherence—investment agreement

This Deed is made on [insert date]


  1. 1

    [Name of company in which the shares are held] incorporated in England and Wales under number [company number] whose registered office is at [address] (Company); and

  1. 2

    [Name of new shareholder] of [address] (New Shareholder),

    and is supplemental to a document dated [insert date] under which the Company and certain other parties agreed to abide by specific covenants relating to the conduct of the affairs of the Company (Investment Agreement).


[[insert name] (Transferor) intends to transfer to the New Shareholder OR The New Shareholder intends to subscribe and the Company intends to allot and issue to the New Shareholder] [insert number] [Preference OR A Ordinary OR B Ordinary] Shares of [insert value]p each in the capital of the Company (Relevant Shares) subject to the New Shareholder entering into this deed in favour of the Company and the persons who for the time being and from time to time are parties to the Investment Agreement (Continuing Shareholders).

The parties agree:

    1. 1

      The New Shareholder undertakes to the Company and the Continuing Shareholders to comply with the provisions of, and to perform all the obligations in, the Investment Agreement as [a Manager OR an Investor] so far as they may

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