Decision scorecard
Decision scorecard

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  • Decision scorecard

This Precedent Decision scorecard (also known as a decision matrix) can be used to evaluate the alternative decision options you have identified against a baseline, eg the system or process you have in place at the moment. This tool is useful when you are faced with multiple options, which may include maintaining the status quo, and need assistance to work out what is the best one. This scorecard enables you to score each potential option against key criteria to establish if a single option is feasible, or to assess various alternatives which are not quite right to find the best aspects of each and produce a hybrid option.

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      General information

      Define the problem or issue you need to address[insert details]
      Describe the system or process currently in place, eg the baseline your alternative options will be compared against[insert details]
      Describe option 1[insert details of option 1]
      Describe option 2[insert details of option 2]
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