Decision-making process flowchart

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  • Decision-making process flowchart

Decision-making process flowchart

This flowchart illustrates the nine key stages in a decision making process and highlights decision making tools available to assist at different stages of the process.

This flowchart can be used in conjunction with Precedents: Decision-making guide and Decision-making framework.

Information and analysis relating to all of these nine stages can be captured and consolidated in Precedent: Decision-making framework.

Note 1

Stage 1 of the decision-making process is where you can state what the problem or issue is you are seeking to address, why a decision is needed and what outcomes you expect to achieve from this decision.

Note 2

Stage 2 of the decision-making process involves identifying any alternative options or solutions to your problem or issue―depending on the situation there may be a large number of different options to choose from or you may find there are only one or two. If there are a large number of options, it is sensible to try and narrow these down to a manageable number to ensure each one can be properly analysed and assessed.

Note 3

Stage 3 of the decision-making process involves establishing any decision-making criteria, which

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