Decision-making guide

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  • Decision-making guide

Decision-making guide

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        This Decision-making guide (the Guide) sets out our organisation’s approach to decision making and covers:

        1. 1.1.1

          why we have implemented a Decision-making framework

        1. 1.1.2

          what our approach to decision making is

        1. 1.1.3

          when the Decision-making framework should be used

        1. 1.1.4

          what decision-making tools are available to help you

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      Why do we have a Decision-making framework?

      1. 2.1

        Our Decision-making framework gives us a robust and structured approach to follow to ensure we make effective business decisions which align with our organisational goals.

      1. 2.2

        Our Decision-making framework ensures:

        1. 2.2.1

          everybody is aligned, working to the same process and uncertainty is minimised

        1. 2.2.2

          decisions are visible through all levels of planning and we can clearly show how options and plans support our organisational strategies

        1. 2.2.3

          the right people are consulted and involved in any decision that would impact their team, department or business unit

        1. 2.2.4

          decisions of similar complexity and impact are made at similar levels throughout our organisation

        1. 2.2.5

          we work in an ethical way and manage risk

        1. 2.2.6

          we meet compliance and regulatory requirements

        1. 2.2.7

          decisions are made at the right pace based on a clear process

        1. 2.2.8

          we know who the final decision maker is and there is accountability for implementation of the decision and any outcomes

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      When should this Guide and our Decision-making framework be used?

      1. 3.1

        We understand that all members of staff make decisions at work every day. We do not expect

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