Decision-making—alternative option analysis
Decision-making—alternative option analysis

The following Risk & Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Decision-making—alternative option analysis

    1. 1

      Your details

      Name[insert name]
      Role[insert role]
      Department[insert department]
      Date[insert date]
    1. 2

      Decision details

      What do we need to make a decision about?When does a decision need to be made by?
      [insert details about the decision that needs to be made, eg whether to invest in a new CRM system to better track and manage our customer relationships][insert any decision deadline date]
    1. 3

      Analysis of options

      1. 3.1

        Option 1: [insert details of the potential option, eg install new ‘off-the-shelf’ CRM software]

        Key criteriaAnalysis
        [[insert criteria, eg Cost]][[insert details of any costs associated with this option, eg the initial outlay for the software would be £xx with an annual service charge thereaft
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