Dawn raid—panic sheet

The following Risk & Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Dawn raid—panic sheet

Dawn raid—panic sheet

1. Immediate response

Your first concerns should be contacting your lawyers, attending the premises, and assembling your Dawn Raid Response Team.


Contact the organisation’s legal advisor, whether in-house and/or external, and arrange for a lawyer to be physically present at all times during the raid and any interviews

If not already on-site, immediately attend the premises and address the investigators

Obtain any further information available in respect of what the investigators are actually seeking— ask to see the warrant/decision notice, or any other written documentation evidencing the investigator’s authority

Identify any other premises which are being raided

Verify the investigators’ authority and take a photocopy of their IDs

Contact and assemble the Response Team

2. Preliminary assessment

Your first instinct may be to tell affected individuals about the raid, but you need more information before you can decide whether this is necessary or desirable. Your initial focus should be on establishing the exact reason and scope of the raid and the investigators’ authority.


Review the warrant or decision notice


  1. have any reporting obligations been triggered?

  2. any HR issues?

  3. might any substantive issues under investigation require communications with or disclosures to any authority?

Inform staff of the arrival of the investigators and instruct them not to delete or destroy any material.

Inform Dawn Raid Response Team Leaders at other relevant sites.

3. Managing the raid

All these elements are likely to be running simultaneously, so

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