Dawn raid—IT Director—flowchart

The following Risk & Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Dawn raid—IT Director—flowchart

Dawn raid—IT Director—flowchart

This Precedent Dawn raid Flowchart guides the IT director (or other designated IT representative) through the IT issues during and after a raid. It is intended to be issued to the Response Team Leaders in advance of a dawn raid occurring, but realistically is likely only to be used as a reference as and when a raid actually happens.

Note 1

As directed by investigators/Response Team Leader(s), you and your team may need to:

  1. temporarily shut down servers and email

  2. prevent any automatic deletion of electronic material

  3. assist in agreeing the most sensible and reasonable way to search and copy electronic files

  4. arrange separate terminals and printing facilities for the investigators

  5. suspend access to certain individual or team accounts

  6. monitor email

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