Dawn raid—instruction sheet—shadowers

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  • Dawn raid—instruction sheet—shadowers

Dawn raid—instruction sheet—shadowers

In the event of a dawn raid, investigators must be accompanied and monitored (shadowed) throughout. This instruction sheet contains instructions for shadowers on handling a dawn raid.

Ensure you are properly briefed by the Dawn Raid Response Team Leaders

  1. Ensure you understand the scope of the warrant, including where investigators can search, what they can search, and any keywords they can use (ie any key terms in the warrant that specifically identify certain documentation such as ‘all company accounts pertaining to XYZ plc’)

  2. Understand your role during the search

  3. Identify which investigator you are shadowing

When shadowing the Investigator

Document gathering

  1. Ensure the investigator only reviews material within the scope of the warrant

  2. Monitor the documents (paper and electronic) the investigator reviews to ensure they do not access privileged documents or documents outside the scope of the dawn raid authorisation

  3. If possible, check documents before the investigator reviews them to confirm that the investigator is entitled to review them, ie the documents are:

    1. covered by the warrant, and

    2. not protected by legal professional privilege

  4. Make a copy of every document the investigator requests

  5. Make an electronic copy of documents the investigator takes electronically (eg on a CD or memory stick)

  6. Record all materials considered by the investigator[ in our [record of raid details]]

  7. Provide the investigator with material they request (within the terms of

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