Data sharing decision form

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  • Data sharing decision form

Data sharing decision form

For use by the organisation taking the decision to share data.

    1. 1

      Request details

      Name of organisation receiving request to share data[Insert name of organisation receiving the request for data sharing]
      Name of organisation requesting data[Insert name of organisation requesting data]
      Name and position of person requesting data[Insert name and position of person requesting data]
      Date request received[Insert date you received the request]
    1. 2

      Description of data sharing

      Description of data requested[Insert description of the data you are seeking access to]
      Data controller relationship☐ Joint
      ☐ Separate
      Will we have a data sharing agreement in place?☐ Yes
      ☐ No
      [If no, explain why not]
    1. 3

      Lawful processing

      Purpose of sharing[Insert description of why the data

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