Data protection impact assessment—DPIA—surveillance cameras
Data protection impact assessment—DPIA—surveillance cameras

The following Risk & Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Data protection impact assessment—DPIA—surveillance cameras

    1. 1

      Project summary

      Project name[Insert name]
      Project owner[Insert name(s)]
      Project summary[Summarise the project, eg new CCTV system for a car park]
    1. 2

      Details of proposed surveillance camera system

      1. 2.1

        Identify why your deployment of surveillance cameras requires a DPIA

        Please tick all that apply

        ☐ Systematic and extensive profiling
        ☐ Public monitoring
        ☐ Denial of service
        ☐ Data matching
        ☐ Tracking
        ☐ Risk of harm
        ☐ Automated decision-making
        ☐ Large-scale use of sensitive data
        ☐ Innovative technology
        ☐ Biometrics
        ☐ Invisible processing
        ☐ Targeting children/vulnerable adults
        ☐ Special category/criminal offence data
        ☐ Other [Please specify]
      1. 2.2

        Timescales and status of surveillance camera deployment

        Is this a proposal for a new deployment or the expansion of an existing surveillance camera system?☐ New deployment
        ☐ Expansion of existing system
        Which data protection regime will you be processing under—DPA 2018 or the UK GDPR?☐ DPA 2018
        ☐ UK GDPR
      1. 2.3

        Description of processing

        Where do you need to use a surveillance camera system?[Insert response and/or refer to Appendix 1]
        What are you trying to achieve?[Insert response]
        Set out the context and purposes of the proposed surveillance cameras or the reason for expanding an existing system. Provide evidence where possible, including, for example, crime statistics over an appropriate period of time, housing and community issues etc.
      1. 2.4

        Personal data to be processed and area covered by the processing

        Set out the nature and scope of the personal data you will be processing.

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