Cybercrime awareness campaign
Cybercrime awareness campaign

The following Practice Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Cybercrime awareness campaign

Quarter 1—Confidential information

The tips and reminders for this quarter relate to confidential information. You can find more specific information in the following places:

  1. [insert, eg Clear desk and clear screen policy]

  2. [insert, eg Remote working and removable media policy]

  3. [insert, eg Cybercrime prevention strategy and incident management plan]

  4. [insert, eg Confidentiality and disclosure policy]

  5. [insert, eg Information management and security policy]

  6. [insert, eg Internet and electronic communications policy]

  7. [insert, eg Policy—bring your own device (BYOD)]

Month 1—Think ‘secure’

You work on important and sensitive matters. It’s our duty to make sure those matters stay secure and confidential.

Always remember to lock your computer or other device when you’re not using them. This will help to keep these devices secure and those important matters confidential. See our [insert, eg Clear desk and clear screen policy][ and poster Information security awareness campaign—clear desks] for more information.

Don’t leave sensitive information ([client OR customer OR information or business information) lying around on your desk—file it or shred it.

Don’t use unsecured webmail to transfer files and definitely don’t work remotely on an unsecured wi-fi connection.[ See our poster—Information security awareness campaign—using wi-fi.]

Don’t plug in any of your own devices or install any unauthorised programs to a organisation computer without first seeking authorisation.

Month 2—On the move

Remote working and removable media involve the transit and storage of confidential and sensitive data outside the

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