Crisis management—guide to dealing with media enquiries

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  • Crisis management—guide to dealing with media enquiries

Crisis management—guide to dealing with media enquiries

This guide is intended to equip [insert organisation’s name]’s crisis management team to deal with media enquiries in a crisis management situation. You should also consult our [Crisis management plan and action list].

You should operate on the assumption that any written records you make are not confidential or privileged.

Suggested actionGuidance
Assign a point of contact for press enquiriesIdeally this should be one person or a team working closely together, to ensure consistency of message.
This may be [insert organisation’s name]’s internal or external press officer. Otherwise assign someone who is sufficiently senior and equipped to deal with journalists.
Assess the media riskConsider:
—the likelihood of this incident coming to media attention (if it has not already done so)
—the size and significance of the likely story
—whether there have been previous media reports that the press may conflate with this one to make more of it (if yes, revisit those past stories and any press comment at that time).
Take steps to ensure no one else speaks publicly about the matterThis may require a communication to all staff (or those aware of the crisis)

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