Contract Guarantee Clause
Contract Guarantee Clause

The following Property precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Contract Guarantee Clause

    1. 1



      1. the date that the Transfer of the Property to the Buyer is actually completed and references in the Standard Conditions to 'actual completion' are to be read accordingly;

      Completion Date

      1. [insert date] or the date calculated in clause 2.4.2 if later;


      1. £[insert figure];


      1. the property known as [insert details] shown [edged red] on the plan annexed to this contract as [insert annex reference][and registered at HM Land Registry with title absolute under the Landlord's Title];

      Standard Conditions

      1. the Standard Commercial Property Conditions (Third Edition — 2018 Revision) and references to 'Part 1 Conditions' and 'Part 2 Conditions' are to the conditions so designated within the Standard Conditions and reference to ‘Standard Condition’ is to any one of the conditions;


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