Conflict and confidentiality matrix—2019
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  • Conflict and confidentiality matrix—2019

Conflict and confidentiality matrix—2019

The table below shows a range of different conflict and confidentiality situations we may encounter. It can be used to help decide whether we can act and, if so, what measures we need to put in place. It reflects the requirements in the SRA Code of Conduct for Solicitors, RELs and RFLs (Code for Solicitors) and the SRA Code of Conduct for Firms (Code for Firms) relating to conflicts of interest and protecting confidential information belonging to current or former clients. It does not address conflicts with the commercial interests of the firm or confidentiality obligations to non-clients, eg under a confidentiality agreement with a third party.

When we assess a potential conflict or confidentiality issue, at one end of the scale we simply cannot act and at the other end there are no confidentiality or conflict problems and no information safeguards to put in place—in between, whether we can act depends on factors like SRA exceptions, client consent and information barriers.

Please refer to our Conflicts, confidentiality and disclosure policy for more information on the terms used in this matrix and our procedures for managing actual or potential conflicts of interest and confidentiality issues.

[If, having reviewed the issue and this matrix you decide we are able to act, you must [insert required action, eg complete the Conflicts/confidentiality form and pass it to your

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