Confidentiality—training materials

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  • Confidentiality—training materials

Confidentiality—training materials

These training materials contain template PowerPoint slides and associated notes for use by a trainer when outlining the law relating to the protection of confidential information. Topics covered include: the meaning of confidential information; the effect of breach of confidentiality; laws governing confidentiality; confidentiality agreements; definitions of confidential information; authorised recipients; purpose and duration of confidential information; remedies; handling breaches of confidentiality; arrangements with subcontractors.

The training materials are customisable.

Click the link below to download the PowerPoint presentation.


  1. Law:

    1. Meaning of confidential information

    2. Effect of breach of confidentiality

    3. Laws governing confidentiality

  2. Confidentiality agreements:

    1. Format

    2. Defining confidential information

    3. Parties and recipients

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