Concurrent lease to Management Company
Concurrent lease to Management Company

The following Property precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Concurrent lease to Management Company
  • 1 Definitions
  • 2 Interpretation
  • 3 Lease of Building
  • 4 Rights granted
  • 5 Rights excepted and reserved
  • 6 Management Company covenants with the Landlord
  • 7 Management Company's responsibility for other payments
  • 8 VAT
  • 9 Interest
  • More...

LR1. Date of the lease[date in its full format DD-Month-Year]
LR2. Title Number(s)LR2.1 Landlord's title number(s)
[title numbers out of which this Lease is granted. Leave blank if not registered]
LR2.2 Other title numbers
[existing title number[s] against which entries of matters referred to in LR9, LR10, LR11 and LR13 are to be made]
LR3. Parties to this LeaseLandlord
[Landlord's name and address]
[Management Company’s name and address]
Other parties
[insert details and specify capacity of other parties ]
LR4. PropertyIn the case of a conflict between this clause and the remainder of this Lease then, for the purposes of registration, this clause shall prevail.
[details of the Building] as defined in clause 1.
LR5. Prescribed statements etcLR5.1 Statements prescribed under rules 179 (dispositions in favour of a charity), 180 (dispositions by a charity) or 196 (leases under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993) of the Land Registration Rules 2003.
[insert any applicable prescribed statements or state 'None']
LR5.2 this Lease is made under, or by reference to, provisions of:
Leasehold Reform Act 1967;
Housing Act 1985;
Housing Act 1988;
Housing Act 1996.
LR6. Term for which the Property is leasedThe term as specified in this Lease at 1.
LR7. Premium[None. OR £[amount] plus VAT of £[amount]].
LR8. Prohibitions or restrictions on disposing of this LeaseThis lease [contains OR does not contain] a provision that prohibits or restricts dispositions.
LR9. Rights of acquisition etcLR9.1 Tenant’s
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