Complaint acknowledgement letter—law firms

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  • Complaint acknowledgement letter—law firms

Complaint acknowledgement letter—law firms

[Insert complainant’s name]

[Insert complainant’s contact address]

Our ref: [insert complaint reference number]

Dear [Insert complainant’s name]

My name is [insert name of person dealing with complaint] and I am [insert job title of person dealing with complaint] with this firm. I will be dealing with your complaint that we received on [insert date complaint received]. You can email me at [insert email address of person dealing with complaint] or telephone me on [insert telephone number of person dealing with complaint].

[Insert name of firm] is committed to providing a high quality legal service and to dealing with all our clients fairly. I acknowledge that we may not always get it right and thank you for contacting us to bring this to my attention.

I am writing to you to acknowledge your complaint and to include a further copy of our Complaints policy, which provides full details of our complaints management process and general time-frames.

    1. 1

      Your complaint

      I understand that your complaint is:

      [insert details]

      [insert details]

      [insert details]

      [insert details]

      Please do contact me immediately if I have misunderstood your complaint.

    1. 2

      Next steps

      [Insert an explanation of the next

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