Competition law compliance—joint ventures guide for staff

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  • Competition law compliance—joint ventures guide for staff

Competition law compliance—joint ventures guide for staff

Associations with actual or potential competitors for the purpose of jointly undertaking a particular commercial enterprise or transaction generally are legal where the pro-competitive benefits of the joint venture (JV) outweigh anti-competitive effects, if any. Examples of pro-competitive benefits of joint ventures include the advancement of technology, the creation of new products, services or competitors, and the advantage of economies of scale (ie increased capacity and reduced transaction costs).

This guide is intended to help staff in planning, structuring and managing JVs, particularly with reference to competition law compliance. You must consult [insert, eg the legal team] before you propose or enter into any JV.

    1. 1

      Determining whether a joint venture has anti-competitive effects

      This flowchart can help to determine whether a JV is likely to have anti-competitive effects:

      Before entering into any joint venture arrangement, always seek advice from the legal team.

    1. 2

      Planning and structuring a JV

      Determine in advance with the JV members, and in consultation with [insert, eg the legal

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