Competition compliance—gathering competitive intelligence FAQs

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  • Competition compliance—gathering competitive intelligence FAQs

Competition compliance—gathering competitive intelligence FAQs

Knowing our industry and competitors is beneficial to business success. However, we must ensure that we stay within the boundaries of competition law when we gather information on competitors’ activities, products or services.

These FAQs, which are integral to that effort, give guidance on how we can best achieve our business goals in a way that is consistent with competition law when gathering competitive intelligence.

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      Can I gather information and prepare internal reports about a competitor’s product pipeline?

      Yes, but only where you have gathered this information from your own analysis (eg observations at trade shows) or from publicly-available sources (eg competitor’s website, press reports).

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      If a customer tells me that our price is too high and that they have other offers with lower pricing, what information can I ask the customer about these competing offers?

      You can ask the customer which competitors have made an offer and what you would need to do to improve your offer. Avoid asking for specific details of the competitor’s

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