Claimant’s schedule of loss—unfair dismissal
Claimant’s schedule of loss—unfair dismissal

The following Employment precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Claimant’s schedule of loss—unfair dismissal

In the employment tribunals

Case no: [Insert case number]


[insert name of claimant]



[insert name of respondent]


Claimant's schedule of loss

1. Details

Net weekly basic pay:£[insert amount]
Contractual notice period:[insert number] [weeks OR month[s]]
Statutory notice period:[insert number] week[s]
Claimant's date of birth:[insert date]
Period of service:[insert date] to [insert date]
Complete years of continuous service:[insert number] year[s]
Age at effective date of termination (EDT):[insert number] years
Gross weekly pay:£[insert amount]
Statutory cap of a week’s pay at the EDT:£[insert amount]

2. Basic award

[insert relevant multiplier] X £[insert amount of week’s pay (subject to statutory maximum)]:Basic award: £[insert amount<]<

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