Claim form (defamation)—the contents
Produced in partnership with David Hirst of 5RB

The following TMT precedent produced in partnership with David Hirst of 5RB provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Claim form (defamation)—the contents

Claim form (defamation)—the contents

The purpose of the claim form

The claim form is the document used to start proceedings. It contains information relevant to the proceedings, including the court reference number to be used on all subsequent court documents, the parties to the proceedings, what is being claimed, particulars of the claim (including any claim for interest) and contact details for the claimant, generally the claimant’s solicitor.

Guidance as to the contents of a claim form generally can be found in the Practice Note: Claim form—the contents.

This Precedent provides an containing suggested text for use in relation to a claim for defamation. The form sets out guidance as to the specific points which should be taken into account when completing a claim form for use in such proceedings.

This claim form forms part of a suite of Precedents, and should be read in conjunction with the following Precedents:

  1. Particulars of claim (defamation)

  2. Defence (defamation)

  3. Reply (defamation)

  4. Final Order (defamation)

In particular, it should be read in conjunction with the Precedent: Particulars of claim (defamation), because these two documents set out the scope of the claimant’s claim.

For more information about this cause of action, see Practice Note: Defamation.

For more information about the practical aspects of bringing a claim (including tactical considerations, ensuring that a claim is commenced within the relevant limitation period and guidance on pre-action conduct), see

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