Claim form (copyright infringement)—the contents
Claim form (copyright infringement)—the contents

The following IP guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Claim form (copyright infringement)—the contents
  • The purpose of the claim form
  • Guidance on completing a claim form for copyright infringement
  • Court venue
  • Claim number and issue date
  • Claimant’s name and address including postcode
  • Defendant’s names and addresses including postcodes
  • Brief details of claim
  • Value
  • Statement of truth

Produced in partnership with Andrew Bowler Sean Ibbetson and Lucie Fortune of Bristows LLP

The purpose of the claim form

A claim form is the document used to start proceedings. It contains information relevant to the proceedings, including: the court reference number to be used on all subsequent court documents; the parties to the proceedings; what is being claimed; particulars of the claim (including any claim for interest); and contact details for the claimant, generally the claimant's solicitor.

Guidance as to the contents of a claim form generally can be found in the Practice Note: Claim form—the contents.

This Precedent provides an N1 claim form (CPR Part 7) (06.16) containing suggested text for use in relation to a claim for copyright infringement. The form sets out guidance as to the specific points which should be taken into account when completing a claim form for use in such proceedings.

The claim form is part of a suite of Precedents, and should be read in conjunction with the following Precedents:

  1. Particulars of Claim (copyright infringement)

  2. Defence (copyright infringement)

  3. Reply (copyright infringement)

  4. Final order (copyright infringement)

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