CDD matter risk assessment form—law firms
CDD matter risk assessment form—law firms

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  • CDD matter risk assessment form—law firms

Instructions for completion

When do you have to complete this form?

You must complete this form for all new matters[ that are subject to the anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) regime. If you are unsure whether the AML/CTF regime applies, please seek guidance from [state who]].

Why do you have to complete this form?

We are required to undertake client due diligence (CDD)[ where the AML/CTF regime applies]. In high-level terms, CDD involves identifying and verifying the client (unless they are already known to us) and assessing the purpose and intended nature of the matter in question. The way in which we do this must reflect our assessment of the level of risk arising from the particular client and the particular matter.

This matter risk assessment form, combined (where relevant) with our CDD client risk assessment form, will help us to determine the level of CDD we apply, ie:

—simplified due diligence (SDD);

—regular due diligence (RDD);

—enhanced due diligence (EDD).

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      Existing and former clients only

      The purpose of this section is to determine whether existing CDD assessments and materials for the client remain appropriate. If not, you must complete a CDD client risk assessment form as well as this form. Please tick your answers below:

      Is the CDD documentation we already hold adequate and up-to-date, eg if the client previously provided us with their

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