Business development and marketing strategy
Business development and marketing strategy

The following Practice Management precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Business development and marketing strategy
  • 1 Market strategy
  • 2 Where do we want to develop business?
  • 3 Should we adopt a niche strategy?
  • 4 What are our products or services?
  • 5 How can we develop our product or service offering?
  • 6 What is our brand strategy?
  • 7 What is our pricing and positioning in the market?
  • 8 What channels to market will we use?
  • 9 What resources will we use for marketing and BD?
  • More...

    1. 1

      Market strategy

      1. 1.1

        What is our market strategy?

        What market are we addressing, eg commercial or consumer?
        Do we need to have a geographic market focus?[If yes, enter details]
        Do we need to focus on any particular segment of the market?[If yes, enter details]
        Are we clear on who we want to promote our services to? [If Yes, enter details, if No complete the matrix of markets and services below]
      1. 1.2

        Matrix of existing markets and services

        Enter details of the commercial and consumer markets served and the services provided by the firm.

        Market 1 [insert details of market, eg, Banking & Finance]Market 2 [insert details of market]Market 3 [insert details of market]Market 1 [insert details of market, eg Private client]Market 2 [insert details of market]
        Service 1 [insert details of service 1, eg, Tax planning][insert a ‘X’ if this service is provided to this market][insert an ‘X’ if t

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