Business continuity awareness survey

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  • Business continuity awareness survey

Business continuity awareness survey

Why are we undertaking this survey?

[Insert name of firm/organisation] plans for unexpected emergencies with a comprehensive business continuity plan.

This plan ensures that if our business is interrupted we are able to account for your safety, and that of our [clients OR customers] and any other parties we have dealings with, and that we can become fully operational again as quickly as possible.

It is important that we are able to assess understanding of our business continuity plan across [insert name of firm/organisation] and determine how we can improve the effectiveness of the plan further.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and submit it to [insert details of how and to whom the completed survey should be submitted] by [insert date].

We [will OR may] use the results of this survey to inform a review of our business continuity plan and staff training arrangements.

Thank you for completing this survey.

Survey questions

What is the name of your [department OR function OR ?[insert department or function]
[Which office is this

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