Bribery cheat sheet for staff
Bribery cheat sheet for staff

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  • Bribery cheat sheet for staff

Bribery cheat sheet for staff

What are bribery and corruption?Broadly, corruption means the abuse of a position of power by engaging in dishonest acts, for private (or commercial) gain.
Bribery is a type of corruption, generally defined in a business context as an advantage (financial or otherwise) given or received with the intention of rewarding or encouraging the improper performance of a public, business or employment-related activity.
Performance will be improper if there is an expectation of the activity being carried out in good faith but it is done so in breach of that expectation.
What are the four offences under the Bribery Act 2010 (BA 2010)?BA 2010 creates four principal offences of bribery:
—bribing another person
—soliciting or accepting a bribe
—bribing a foreign public official, and
—failing to prevent bribery (this offence is limited to businesses)
Who can be involved in bribery?Bribery can be committed by individuals, corporate bodies and their officers, and foreign public officials.
Foreign public officials are individuals who, in relation to any country, hold a legislative, administrative or judicial position, or exercise a public function on behalf of that country or for any public body or enterprise of that territory, or perform a similar role for a public international organisation.
How do I know if corruption and bribery are taking place?It can

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