Board minutes—takeover—approving offer documentation—offeree
Board minutes—takeover—approving offer documentation—offeree

The following Corporate precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Board minutes—takeover—approving offer documentation—offeree
  • 1 Chair, notice and quorum
  • 2 Business of the meeting
  • 3 Directors’ duties and declaration of interests
  • 4 Documents produced to the meeting
  • 5 Responsibility for documents
  • 6 Consideration of documents
  • 7 Resolutions
  • 8 Updating the board
  • 9 Close

Board minutes—takeover—approving offer documentation—offeree

[insert company name] [PLC OR Limited]

Minutes of a meeting of[ a committee of] the board of directors of [insert full name of offeree] (the Company)

held at [insert place of meeting]

on [insert date of meeting] at [insert time of meeting][am OR pm]

Present:[Insert names of the director(s) physically present]
[[Insert names of directors present by telephone or other means permitted by the Company’s articles of association] [by telephone OR by [insert means]]]
In attendance:[Insert name] (representative of [financial adviser] (the Bank))
[Insert name] (representative of [law firm] (the Company's solicitors))
[Insert name] (representative of [name of firm of accountants], the Company’s reporting accountants (the Accountants))
[Insert names of others in attendance]
Apologies:[Insert names of directors/committee members who are unable to attend the meeting, not usually relevant if the meeting is a committee meeting]
    1. 1

      Chair, notice and quorum

      [Insert name] was appointed Chair of the meeting. [The Chair drew the meeting’s attention to the resolution of the board of directors dated [insert date] setting out the terms on which the committee had been constituted. ]It was reported that proper notice of the meeting had been given in accordance with the Company’s articles of association (the Articles) and that a quorum was present. Accordingly, the Chair declared the meeting open.

    1. 2

      Business of the meeting

      1. 2.1

        The Chair noted that an offer (the

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