Board minutes—intra-group reorganisation—share purchase—buyer
Board minutes—intra-group reorganisation—share purchase—buyer

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  • Board minutes—intra-group reorganisation—share purchase—buyer

Company number: [insert company number]

[insert company name] [Limited OR plc]

Minutes of a meeting of the board of directors (the Meeting) of [insert company name] [Limited OR PLC] (the Company)

Held at [insert place of meeting]

Held on [insert day, month and year of meeting] at [insert time of meeting][am OR pm]

Present:[insert names of the director(s) physically present]
[[Insert names of any directors present by telephone as permitted by the Company’s articles of association] (by telephone)]
[[Insert names of any directors present by other means permitted by the Company’s articles of association] (by [insert other means]]
[In attendance:][[Insert name of anyone in attendance, who does not count towards the quorum for the Meeting(eg the company secretary, any legal advisers)]]
[Apologies:][[Insert names of any directors who are unable to attend the Meeting]]
    1. 1

      Chair, notice and quorum

      [Insert name] was appointed Chair of the Meeting. The Chair reported that due notice of the Meeting had been given in accordance with the Company's articles of association (the Articles) and that a quorum was present. Accordingly, the Chair declared the Meeting open.

    1. 2

      Business of the Meeting

      The Chair reported that the purpose of the Meeting was to consider and, if thought fit, approve the documents and various matters relating to the proposed purchase by the Company of the entire issued share capital (the Shares) of

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