BD and marketing plan—short form
BD and marketing plan—short form

The following Practice Management precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • BD and marketing plan—short form
  • 1 Internal analysis
  • 2 External analysis
  • 3 BD and marketing aims, goals and objectives
  • 4 Strategies
  • 5 Campaigns, activities and systems
  • 6 Budget and resource
  • 7 Monitoring

Date of planPerson with overall responsibility for plan
[insert date][insert the name of the person in the firm who is ultimately responsible for the BD and marketing plan]
    1. 1

      Internal analysis

      1. 1.1

        Business plan and firm-wide strategy

        Summary of firm’s business plan/strategy[insert a short summary of your firm’s business plan / strategy]
      1. 1.2

        Financial analysis

        Fee income and profit for the current year[insert fee income figure for the current year]
        [insert the profit figure for the current year]
        Fee income and profit for the previous 3 years
      1. 1.3

        Matrix of markets and services

        Market 1 [eg High net worth individuals]Market 2 [eg Real estate developers]Market 3 [eg FTSE 100 companies]
        Service 1 [eg, tax planning]
        Service 2 [eg, acquisition finance]
        Service 3 [eg, probate administration]
        Service 4 [eg, workplace accidents]
      1. 1.4

        Client and referrer relationships

        Main sources of work for the previous 3 years[has work been generated via existing client/referrer recommendations, the website, through other marketing activities?]
        Key referrers/introducers[insert the details of any key referrers or introducers of business]
        Major clients[include information on the source of work, size, market sector, demographics, length of relationship, client income, asset base, location and range of services use]
        Trends from client feedback surveys[if you are particularly strong

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