Assignment of book debts

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  • Assignment of book debts
  • Background
  • 1 Definitions and interpretation
  • 2 Covenant to pay
  • 3 Assignments by way of security
  • 4 Representations and warranties
  • 5 Undertakings
  • 6 Perfection of security
  • 7 Further assurance
  • 8 Enforcement
  • More...

Assignment of book debts

This Assignment is made on [insert day and month] 20[insert year]


  1. 1

    [insert name of Assignor], a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number [insert company number] whose registered office is at [insert address] (the Assignor); and

  1. 2

    [insert name of Lender] of [insert address] (the Lender).


    1. (A)

      The Lender has agreed to make available a loan facility to the Assignor on the terms and conditions set out in the Facility Agreement (as defined below).

    1. (B)

      It is a condition precedent to the availability of the loan facility that the Assignor enters into this Assignment for the purpose of providing security in favour of the Lender in respect of the Secured Obligations (as defined below).

IT IS AGREED as follows:

    1. 1

      Definitions and interpretation

      1. 1.1


        In this Assignment, unless otherwise provided:

        Assigned Rights

        1. means all of the present and future rights, title and interest which from time to time are the subject of any Security Interest created, or purported to be created, by or pursuant to this Assignment;

        Book Debts

        1. means all book and other debts now due, payable or owing or from time to time becoming due, payable or owing to the Assignor from any person in respect of any goods, services, produce, work carried out or in respect of debts due, payable or owing under intercompany loans;

        Facility Agreement

        1. means the facility agreement

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