Articles of association—listed company
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  • Articles of association—listed company
  • 1 Defined terms and interpretation
  • 2 Liability of members
  • 3 Directors’ general authority
  • 4 Power to change the company’s name
  • 5 Members’ reserve power
  • 6 Directors may delegate
  • 7 Committees
  • 8 Associate directors
  • 9 Directors to take decisions collectively
  • More...

Articles of association—listed company

The Companies Act [1948 OR 1985 OR 2006]

Public company limited by shares

Articles of association


[insert name] PLC

[(adopted by special resolution passed on [date])]

Part 1, interpretation and limitation of liability

    1. 1

      Defined terms and interpretation

      1. 1.1

        In the articles, unless the context requires otherwise:


        1. means the company’s articles of association;


        1. the auditors of the company for the time being;


        1. includes individual insolvency proceedings in a jurisdiction other than England and Wales or Northern Ireland which have an effect similar to that of bankruptcy;


        1. means the board of directors of the company from time to time, or those directors present at a duly convened quorate meeting of the directors;

        CA 2006

        1. means the Companies Act 2006;


        1. has the meaning given in article 72;

        call notice

        1. has the meaning given in article 72;


        1. means, in relation to a share, a share that it is not in uncertificated form;


        1. has the meaning given in article 14;

        chair of the meeting

        1. has the meaning given in article 42;

        clear days

        1. in relation to a notice, excludes the day the notice is deemed under the articles to be given and the day for which the specified period expires;

        company’s lien

        1. has the meaning given in article 70;


        1. means a director of the company and includes any person occupying the position of director, by whatever name called;

        Disclosure Rules

        1. means the disclosure guidance and transparency

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What does Articles of Association mean?

The principal constitutional document of a company, dealing with management and administration issues, most notably powers of directors, transfer and issue of shares, and board and member meetings.

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