Application—preliminary hearing

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  • Application—preliminary hearing

Application—preliminary hearing

[Insert date]

[Insert] Employment Tribunal

[Insert address]

To the [insert] Employment Tribunal

[Insert name of case, eg X v Y]

Claim Number: [insert claim number]

Application for a preliminary hearing[ to determine [insert specific issue]]

We apply on behalf of the [Claimant OR Respondent] for a preliminary hearing to be held to determine the following matter[s]: [insert matters to be considered, eg:]

[EXAMPLE 1: ][whether [insert name or party, eg X Company or the Second Respondent] should be [added OR removed] as a party to the proceedings. [Insert the background to the application and the reasons for it].]

[EXAMPLE 2: ][whether the Tribunal has jurisdiction to hear the claim of [insert claim, eg unfair dismissal, disability discrimination] in light of the Respondent’s contention that the [insert the ground(s) put forward, eg the Claimant was not an employee, the Claimant does not have sufficient continuity of service to enable him to bring the claim, the claim was not presented in time, the Claimant was not at the relevant time a disabled person for the purposes of section 6 of the Equality Act 2010.] [Insert details of Respondent's reasons for contending the tribunal does not have jurisdiction, eg dates of Claimant's employment, factors which suggest the Claimant was not an employee, dates of acts complained of and date of submissions of ET1, parts of the definition of disability which the Respondent contends are not satisfied and

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