Application—preliminary hearing
Application—preliminary hearing

The following Employment precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Application—preliminary hearing

[Insert date]

[Insert] Employment Tribunal

[Insert address]

To the [insert] Employment Tribunal

[Insert name of case, eg X v Y]

Claim Number: [insert claim number]

Application for a preliminary hearing[ to determine [insert specific issue]]

We apply on behalf of the [Claimant OR Respondent] for a preliminary hearing to be held to determine the following matter[s]: [insert matters to be considered, eg:]

[EXAMPLE 1: ][whether [insert name or party, eg X Company or the Second Respondent] should be [added OR removed] as a party to the proceedings. [Insert the background to the application and the reasons for it].]

[EXAMPLE 2: ][whether the Tribunal has jurisdiction to hear the claim of [insert claim, eg unfair dismissal, disability discrimination] in light of the Respondent’s contention that the [insert the ground(s) put forward, eg the Claimant was not an employee, the Claimant does not h

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