Application—disclosure and inspection

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  • Application—disclosure and inspection

Application—disclosure and inspection

[The contents of this precedent relate to the law and rules applying from 29 July 2013 onwards.]

[insert date]

[Insert] Employment Tribunal

[insert address]

To the [insert] Employment Tribunal

[Insert name of case, eg X v Y]

Claim Number: [insert claim number]

Application for an order for [disclosure AND/OR inspection]

We act for the [Claimant OR Respondent] in the above matter. We apply to the Tribunal under rule 29 of the Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure 2013 for a case management order that the [Claimant OR Respondent]: [Insert details of what you are seeking; see eg the examples below:]

[[Example 1: ]send to us within [14 days OR [insert other time period]] a list of such of the following documents as are or have been in [his OR her OR its] control, namely [specify];


[Example 2: ]produce for inspection at [insert address] within [14 days OR [insert other time period]] the following documents, namely [specify], and permit us to take copies of them;


[Example 3: ]send to us within [14 days OR [insert other time period]] copies of the following documents which are in [his OR her OR its] control, namely [specify].[ These documents are known to be in [his OR her OR its] control because they are mentioned in the [witness statement OR expert report] of [insert

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