Anti-bribery and corruption—hospitality decision tree

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  • Anti-bribery and corruption—hospitality decision tree

Anti-bribery and corruption—hospitality decision tree

This hospitality decision tree can help you decide whether or not to offer corporate hospitality. If in doubt, please contact [insert name].


Note 1—Government officials

For government officials, local laws impose even stricter legal hospitality-giving limits—see our Gifts and hospitality—government officials policy, which you can find [insert where staff can find the policy].

Note 2—Decision making

It is important that the offer of hospitality should not be capable of raising the inference that it was intended to have a direct impact on the recipient’s decision making. If the recipient of the hospitality is a sole decision-maker, you should speak to [insert].

Note 3—Timing

Any hospitality offered at a time when you and the recipient(s) are negotiating a contract or are in a related vendor selection process is inappropriate.

Note 4—Quid pro quo

Hospitality offered where

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