Anti-bribery and corruption—Gifts and hospitality FAQs
Anti-bribery and corruption—Gifts and hospitality FAQs

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  • Anti-bribery and corruption—Gifts and hospitality FAQs

We run our business[es] with integrity. All of us must work together to ensure our business[es] remain[s] untainted by bribery and corruption.

This FAQ document, which is integral to that effort, guides us on how we can best achieve our business goals in a way that is consistent with our commitment to counter bribery and corruption.

Do the same rules and regulations relating to gifts and hospitality apply in every country?

No. Rules and regulations differ in every country, and in the United States the rules and regulations are different for the federal government than for states and they differ among the different states.

[Insert organisation’s name] sets out the appropriate gift and hospitality limits in the countries where it does business in our [international permissible gifts/hospitality limits table].

A vendor gave me a seasonal gift. May I accept it?

You may accept infrequent gifts valued at no more than £[x] (or local currency equivalent), but even within these limits you must take care to avoid the appearance that the gift might influence your decisions on behalf of [insert organisation’s name].

Often, gifts are given during the holiday season. When these are intended for or may be shared with your entire de

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